Psychological Services

As part of my psychology practice, I offer individual, couples, and group therapy.  I take an active approach to increase understanding of how patterns are developed and reinforced throughout life.  These patterns strongly affect both relationships with self and others. Changing dysfunctional patterns, and improving self-worth, involves making insightful connections and addressing unresolved issues.

Group Therapy

Although people have a general sense of how individual and couples therapy works, group therapy tends to be less understood.  Group therapy is an experiential approach that facilitates the recreation of problem relationship patterns with the purpose of changing them. What group therapy offers is a corrective emotional experience through insight, helpful feedback, and unexpected responses from other members.  I like to think of it as an unique opportunity to see self-defeating emotional and relational patterns so that, with the help of other members and the leader, healing and change can occur.

Relationship/Couples Therapy

All of us bring baggage from past relationships into current relationships.  The goal of couples therapy is to differentiate between what feelings are unique to your current relationship and what patterns and feelings are being superimposed on the relationship from past hurts and injuries.  Healing occurs through understanding yourself and your partner, building on existing strengths, and learning how to communicate in a clearer, more direct way.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy often begins with a goal.  The work of therapy involves understanding and dismantling self-sabotaging behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, while acknowledging and building on strengths.  How can you improve your relationship with yourself and with others?