Experiential Countertransference Consultation Group


How can we deepen our clinical work?  How do our reactions inform and inhibit the quality of our work?  

In this year-long training group we will explore countertransference reactions and increase our awareness of their impact on our work.  We will use presented case material and interpersonal group process to understand our unconscious dynamics as well as the dynamics at play in the case.  

Our unconscious reactions to therapy material can be rich sources of information that enhance the work we do with clients; they can also be troubling and confusing.  As we make these reactions more conscious, their power can be harnessed to benefit the therapeutic work, rather than remaining hidden and having a potentially negative or even damaging impact. 

The group will meet the first and third Fridays of each month from 9 to 10:30.   Please contact me with questions or to register for the group.